The Angel of Zin


Masterfully done … a powerful novel.”— Publishers Weekly

Absolutely compelling … a totally engrossing thriller.”— Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler’s List

Exciting, dynamic, and marvelously written.”— Bestsellers

At a Nazi death camp in Poland, the murdered body of an informer is discovered by the Jewish mistress of the camp commandant. Then an SS lieutenant is found, throat cut ear to ear.

The Gestapo orders the Berlin Criminal Police to solve these crimes.

The hunter is Homicide Inspector Paul Bach, a combat veteran of the Russian Front. And the hunted is the self-styled “Angel,” who always leaves a clue in the form of an enigmatic note.

The Angel of Zin offers an answer to the question all supposedly decent men and women must ask themselves: “If I had been a German then, and realized what was happening, what would I have done?”