Final Argument


A courtroom thriller, a mean streets thriller, a Florida cracker thriller, a gritty prison thriller, and an Everyman study of good and evil all rolled into one. And every part of it is terrific. What a wonderful piece of storytelling!”— Donald Westlake, The New York Times

Only a handful of American authors have ever been able to transform murder and infidelity into poetry, and Irving is one of those writers. Not to be missed, this book has best-seller stamped on every page.”— Donald Porter, Mystery News

Two cliffhanger trials, a moral crisis, violence, love … it’s all here.” — Mail on Sunday (London)

A former district attorney, twelve years after sending a convicted murderer to Death Row, returns to the same courtroom in an attempt to save that man’s life. Set in Florida, this best-selling novel features that rarest of heroes – a lawyer with a conscience.

Can an attorney represent a murderer he once prosecuted? The legal establishment insists he can’t. But Ted Jaffe says, “I must.”

Final Argument is the story of Jaffe’s war – at the risk of career, marriage, and personal safety – to free a man he has grievously wronged.

The London Daily Express hailed it as “a spellbinding courtroom drama.”