The wild, true story of three men who raped the art world … one of the most sophisticated suspense sagas of our time … fantastic.” — Chicago Tribune

A delightfully vicious book, a joy to read and contemplate.” — Pablo Picasso

Elmyr, an elegant Jewish-Hungarian aristocrat whom World War II stripped of everything else, nevertheless retained his genius, which consisted of faking Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Renoir, and other great 20th century art masters.

Fernand Legros was a ruthless Egyptian who believed that museums, galleries and millionaire collectors would finance his love of luxury. And Real Lessard was a Canadian youth who began as Fernand’s protege and in the end out-dueled his evil master in cunning.

This is the tale of three men who bilked oil millionaires and movie stars and turned the art world upside down. It was the basis for filmmaker Orson Welles’ last major movie, “F For Fake.”

The St. Louis Globe-Democrat called Fake!“a story to remember and revel in.”