Daddy’s Girl

Here are all the elements to satisfy any true crime fan: parricide, incest, sexual enticement … a fascinating story.” — Baltimore Sun

Irving builds suspense with skill and makes the people come to life… a fine book.” — Houston Chronicle

Fascinating … Few writers could have pulled together so insightful a work.”

Austin Challenger

Daddy’s Girl is the # 1 best seller in’s category of Courts and the Law.

In 1982. James Campbell, successful Houston lawyer, and Virginia, his wife of 40 years, were found shot to death in their bed. Despite allegations of family greed and sexual abuse, the murder remained unsolved. The most likely suspects were the victims’ daughter Cindy and her ex-Marine boyfriend, David West. But they had an alibi the police couldn’t crack.

And then the ex-Marine fell in love. She was an ex-stripper turned private detective, and she was paid to coax a confession from her lover.

Clifford Irving wrote: “I started out in Houston as a writer on assignment – but I became an investigator, a friend to the judge and many of the lawyers, and a trial witness. As a result, to my discomfort, I helped to determine the outcome of events.”