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“Unflaggingly exciting.” — Library Journal



“The novel of the year.” — New York Times


Kindle best seller in Legal Thrillers


“Delightful!”– Pablo Picasso


“Extraordinarily enter-taining.” — Booklist.

Kindle # 1 Best- Seller in Courts & Law

"Totally engrossing."--Thomas Keneally

Kindle # 1 Best Seller in Historical Thrillers

"A brilliant study of money's power."--L.A. Times

“A brilliant study of money’ and power.”– L.A. Times


“A fantastic book.”–Sandy Munro

"Stylish and exciting."--NY Times

Stylish and exciting.”– New York Times

"High-powered political fiction."--TImes of London

“High-powered political fiction.”–TImes of London

"A remarkable memoir."--Playboy

“A remarkable memoir.”– Playboy

"An anti-establishment thriller."--Time Magazine

“An anti-establishment thriller.”–Time Magazine